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October is… Breast Cancer Awareness Month!!! Save the Boobies!!

Save the Boobies!!!


Yes, there are things going on in my life outside of Juicing.  As part of wellness, it is sooooo important to find and recognize things that mean something to you, and this month is very important to me.  Breast cancer has touched my family as well as I’m sure many of yours.  If it’s not someone directly in your family, I am sure most of you know someone who has suffered with Breast Cancer, whether they are a survivor or not.  Education is so important… for men AND women… and I personally am making sure that I support the cause to find a cure.  I hope many of you do as well! That’s my little soap box.

There are lots of ways to support this beautiful cause!! I suggest you find one that works for you and do it.  Doing good for others has the added benefit of making you feel golden as well… so why not!?

This is the link to the National Breast Cancer Foundation- in it are links to ways that you can help, and a lot of them are really fun!


Outside of this there are just about 3 million other ways to contribute- google is all you need!

Many salons, including the one I go to- (Teeze Salon in Lyndhurst)- are going to be providing pink single hair extensions in support of Breast Cancer Awareness month… and I will be rocking that in full force within the next week or so as soon as they get them in!

…and to top it all off… today while in ShopRite…. this happened!!


OOOOOhhhh yes, loves!

ShopRite Chic, Grocery Store Couture!!! Hahaha jokes jokes jokes I’m sure… but I did it, and I will be rocking my BCA T-shirt and so will my mom, who has yet to know of this fabulous purchase.

Every little thing helps 🙂



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Day 2 juices…

Ok guys

So I experimented a little this morning. Be sure to give youself TIME to do this if you’re juicing along with me, because it is not a quick process, as some would be led to think.  And cleaning out the machine is a real pain in the ass. But it’s all for a goal right???

I got 2 of my 4 juice recipes from Pinterest and I will be giving them credit here.  They are not my ideas, but they seem great so I’m willing to try anything at this point.  Below is a picture of the 4 juices i made today!! So proud!! Eek! 😀

my juices

Juice #1: Vegetable Juice

This is your super vitamin FRESH V8.  You’re probably thinking, ok why not just go by V8.  Alot of those canned or bottled beverages that store for a long period of time go through a “high heat/flash pasteurization” process.  This process heats up the liquid to >250 degrees F to kill all the microorganisms that can cause the juice to spoil, and then it is cooled quickly.  This happens with the “Naked” brand or “Odwalla” brand juices as well I believe, otherwise they wouldn’t last more than 3-4 days.  This flash pasteurization also destroys many of the micronutrients we are trying to get out of our juices, and if you’re existing solely on juices for a few days, you really need the MOST micronutrients you can get. So these are a bad idea if you’re doing a juice fast. Sorry. I know, i thought about it too. :/

Here is a link to more info about this if interested: http://www.lifewithgreens.com/fresh-versus-bottled-juice

Anyway this is my vegetable juice.  Was great after drinking just sweet fruit juice all day yesterday.  It’s kind of like drinking a salad! Haha, if that doesn’t get ya, I don’t know what will!  This image is taken directly from Pinterest.


Juice #2: SuperSkin Juice!

Oranges, pineapples, and sweet potatoes, oh my! (sorry, I had to). Who knew they would go together well? I certainly didn’t, but its a fresh, “citrusy” vitamin packed mixture that really does actually taste good.  Again variety is key my loves.


This image is also taken directly from Pinterest.

Juice #3 and #4:




These are my concoctions. They are alkalizers, as I’ve read, and apples and cucumbers combine together to make a pretty refreshing drink.  Add a little ginger (which I happen to love), and it’s even better.  Leave the ginger out if you’re not into this- (people tend to LOVE or HATE ginger, it’s a strong flavor).  These last 2 are the same with the exception that the last green bottle (in the picture above at the top of this post) is diluted slightly with Pure Coconut water.  Just a little less intense taste, and still very refreshing.

So this will be my “food” today. sigh.

I have to tell you, the taste really is good. The issue for me at least is definitely more the texture.  Especially with the vegetable juice- i love the flavor, but I’m not really used to the idea of drinking my vegetables yet.  I’m working on it. A straw helps a little, and Im going to be putting them on ice at work tonight.  I. Just. Can’t. Wait. haha.  (can you FEEL the excitement!!!!)

8.5 more days 😉 But who’s counting!!



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New day!! (Day 2) And it’s a beautiful one!!

Good morning!!

Wow so last night was painful- physically, emotionally, psychologically.  During the day I was ok, kept myself busy- but last night i felt just horrible. A lot of times I wanted to be like “the heck with this, why am I doing this to myself, let me go binge on everything in the kitchen”.  I am so glad I didn’t.

But honestly, writing this, committing to it in front of all of you, is what made me stick this out.  But it wasn’t easy. Last night I woke up around 2am, I was dizzy, nauseous, and thought I was going to throw up. My HR was like 115. Weird.  I know we become “addicted” to bad things… but my god, i didnt realize it was like this.  Honestly I didn’t. IMaybe I really was getting pretty close to “fat, sick and nearly dead”!!!!  That’s humbling to say the least.  I will really think twice before I go back to any of that from now on because I don’t want to every go through this again.  I can only imagine what people now go through who are addicted to serious drugs. I just took some water and tried to go back to sleep, and finally sleep came.

I woke up this morning feeling like a different person.  I actually felt invigorated, light- my mind was clear.  It’s awesome!! Is this whole experience going to be ups and downs?? I will assume yes for now, but in the back of my head I’m going to hope for some steady highs 🙂 I made a few mistakes I found yesterday with this fast.  Hello, it’s my first one, I’m bound to do this.

Mistakes- (that I am learning from!!! QUICKLY)

1. I didn’t drink enough.  You are supposed to have between 2-4 quarts of juice in the course of a day.  PLUS water.  Def didn’t do that.  Probably why I felt dehydrated and terrible last night

2. I didn’t give myself variety.  So I know now you are supposed to make a few different juices so you don’t just get bored with drinking the same thing.  Yesterday in the beginning of the day, my juice tasted great.  However by late afternoon I was gagging on it trying to get it down, to the point where I just was like- “nah, i don’t want it”. And while you’re juice fasting, if you don’t want the juice, there’s not a whole lot else left for you. Bad idea.

So I looked up a bunch of recipes and ideas for today that I’m really excited about!! Yesterday my juice consisted of a lot of fruits- was pretty sweet, a little tangy, but good I guess to start.  Today I’m craving more vegetables… and some salt.  It’s crazy how much more in touch I am with what my body is looking for now that i’m doing this fast.  It’s very clear to me today what I want. Yesterday I was like “I dunno, sure i like plums, throw ’em in”.  Today I have a whole different set of cravings, and it’s for healthy things! Go figure 😉

I am going to be making 3 different juices today, a vegetable juice, a “skin glowing” juice and then probably a “citrusy” one.  Again I’m going to make them all this morning, and store them in mason jars for me to drink throughout the day.  I work the overnight tonight at my job so I’ll be bringing some with me, if any of you are DYING to try 😉  (as if this blog hasn’t made it sound INCREDIBLY appetizing and enticing!! lol)  And i’m going to be drinking a ton of water.  Hopefully today will be easier. Like I said, right now i’m feeling great, but I also had my juiced coffee beans already… maybe that has something to do with it 😉

I will post the recipes and pics later for the juices I make, Im not 100% sure what I’m going to use yet.

Will keep you all updated!! Have a beautiful day!!



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Is “juicing” a trendy way of saying “starving”???

I. Am. So. Hungry.

I feel foggy and dizzy and exhausted.  Not exhilarated like I did earlier!! Shaun just called me a Scorpion Woman 🙂

But I fully expected this.  It’s either starvation or withdrawal at this point. Either way its horrible.  But i’m going to make it through this. Day 1 is almost finished, and supposedly it’s the hardest. At least I think so, or my stomach lining is going to completely digest itself tomorrow.

I told you guys I’d put it all… good, bad, and ugly.  But there’s gotta be something to do when you feel this way the first few days of juicing… other than the obvious… to EAT.  And I am going in search of the answer to this question now. Otherwise how would anyone be able to do it?? There’s a light at the end of the tunnel- There is a reason I am doing this!! Even if it is not as obvious now as it was 12 hours ago.

Writing about this is surprisingly therapeutic!!  My grumpiness is subsiding.  I can do this. Every day should be a little better… hopefully 🙂

… and I pour myself another glass of juice…




Wellness Experiment #1!! A Juicing Fast!

So after months and months of WANTING to do this, but never having the courage to do it- today starts my first ever Juicing Fast.  I have heard wonderful AND horrific things about this.  I am extremely excited, but also terrified at the same time.

Where did I get this idea? The other day I watched the movie “Fat Sick and Nearly Dead”- not the most flattering title, although I unashamedly will admit that I can at times relate to those feelings! This movie was incredibly inspiring- Joe Cross is just an amazing human being.  So real, so funny, so honest. I highly recommend watching this.

Excited to be doing this to myself you say? Why yes! I am! I am so tired of feeling TIRED all the time… drained, with headaches, breakouts, bla bla bla… AND from all the reading I’ve been doing, there is just nothing good about processed foods. We get the most “bang for your buck” out of foods that are consumed in their most natural states.  For example- raw foods- best.  Hands down. Although its gotta be really difficult I would think to commit to that kind of a lifestyle. Especially if you dont live in a cave by yourself.  If you live with other humans in the United States of America- trying to get everyone (and im talking about my husband and my 2 young children under the age of 4) to eat all things raw- not going to happen, at least easily.  Although Im going to try my hardest to get them to adopt SOME of this.  Hopefully at the end of the 10 days I will feel energized, invigorated, healthy, and full of LIFE! And most importantly I can pass down these healthy eating habits to the people I love the most in this world.

Petrified? Yes, absolutely. I dont want the headaches, the withdrawal, the near death experience that i’ve read about from people doing these juice fasts. However I have committed myself to this and Im going to do it.  I apologize in advance to everyone that I will be in contact with for at least the next 3 days.

For those of you who know me, I am a Diet Pepsi fanatic.  I know it is hands down a horrible substance to be willingly putting into my body.  Gross processed FAKE sugars, bla bla bla… look at the ingredients on the side- nothing in any kind of a natural form. HOWEVER i am so addicted. So addicted. There will be no diet pepsi for me in the next 10 days. And if I make it out alive, I hope to not be drinking soda at all anymore after.

Coffee… sigh.  This is where I would face a problem.  This is a WELLNESS experiment. I am a physician working ridiculous kinds of hours, days and nights.  AND I don’t want to kill my husband in the next 10 days.  So I am ALLOWING myself one 12 ounce cup of coffee q 24 hours. 🙂 Coffee is kind of like juicing a coffee bean, right?  Whatever. The TextBook Juicing gods can look down on me with disgust… this is MY experiment.

So here goes y’all! Day 1!

What I did to make this feasible for me with 2 small kids at home and a really busy life is make enough juice for the entire day in the AM.  I have found a new obsession with Fairway Markets because its so close but I will also be frequenting Trader Joes for my produce.

My Day 1 Kickoff juicing recipe for enough juice for a day is this delicious concoction:

2 cucumbers

4 apples

2 large handfuls of spinach

2 nectarines

3 plums

2 carrots

1 inch of ginger

A handful of Pomegranate seeds

A handful of raspberries

A handful of blackberries

Put all of these things in a juicer- juice it up! and enjoy.

This IS a lot of ingredients for a juice- but I was feeling creative today and needed something I think would taste interesting since I am giving up all the foods I love in life for 10 days.  There are tons of juicing recipes online… if you’re doing this you can try any of them OR just play with it and find stuff you think will work together.

Yes I had coffee this morning, and it was amazing.

I will keep you all updated with how this is progressing… should be an interesting ride 🙂

juicing fast day 1


Hiiiii… and welcome :)

Hi guys- if you’re reading this, you either know me, have heard about this through someone who knows me, or are just in general interested in wellness or wondering what the heck a person with this blog title is all about!  Regardless… welcome to my thoughts, and I hope you enjoy what you read, learn and see.

So here we go!  My name is Julie- I’m an Emergency Medicine Physician working in Paterson, NJ- did a fellowship in EMS and during all of my training became a little crazy and obsessed with “wellness”.. which is what sparked my blog.  My plan is to become a Certified Wellness Coach. Last year I became the Director of Physician Wellness at my hospital and I really want to do a lot with this… It is SOOOOO insanely important to find balance and peace in our lives. How else do we get through this craziness we call a career!!??

This blog initially was intended to get info out there to my colleagues about what we can do to be happy, healthy, and have long successful careers, namely because Emergency Medicine is such an insane and stressful specialty some times.  There is no doubt that our burnout rate is among the highest of all docs.  We need to change this, change the way we do things, change the way we live so that we are able to enjoy our lives, find healthy ways of dealing with this stress, and get through this with a smile on our faces at the end of the day.

As I talk to more and more people who are interested in me doing this, I’ve decided to open up this blog to everyone with the intention that we can share ideas, inspiration, and fabulousness with eachother.

Blogs specific to things going on with my “St. Joe’s Peeps” will have that in the title 🙂

Suggestions, topics, ideas and positivity are always welcome 🙂




for St. Joe’s Peeps!! Fall Activities

Updates on the activities we’ve got in the works for my fabulous colleagues:

Apple picking!  Why not? Its the quintessential fall activity.  And then you can juice em 😉 or add something to that juice… whatever you prefer.  Will try to make this happen sometime after ACOEP/ACEP.

Currently trying to arrange a gym where we can get a day of each week for those who are interested in getting together for some sports.  You can’t beat eachother down in the hospital, however you can on the court!  Get those frustrations out!!! Will post updates on this.

Hiking was delayed from August because it was a thousand degrees outside.  Will try and set something up before it gets too cold, and then again in early spring.



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