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Rehash!! And the wrap up!

on October 6, 2013

Hi everyone!!

So I haven’t been able to blog in a few days- For anyone following, I’m sorry! It’s been soo insanely busy the last couple of days, but yes the Juicing carried on!! And I was able to stick it out really without any problem!!

I tried a few different recipes, but the most consistent was my “Positively Pink”!  This is truly the best tasting one I’ve ever tried!! You can see my post “Hallelujah” for the ingredients, but it is delicious!! And it’s not just from me, my kids love it, my husband likes it, and a few of my work friends tried it and said it was great too!!  So this juice is likely going to be a daily thing for me.

So I have decided to be done with the fast!  It was an amazing experience, it challenged me more than most things, it showed me that I’m a hell of a lot more determined than I thought I was, it taught me restraint and it really was kind of a “reboot” for my system!  Incredible all in all, and I’m extremely glad I’ve done it. I have lost a total of 9lbs in the last 6 days (as of this morning).  Guaranteed a lot of water weight, and was just an added benefit to all of the other things I gained through this experience.  I think in this time, I was able to kick some of my addiction to processed foods, to bad sugars, and I’ve learned to really ENJOY the taste of healthy foods!  Someone told me (and I have to look this up to confirm) that the cells on your tastebuds turn over every 3-4 days.  So SUPPOSEDLY if you start eating healthy foods (only!!) after 3-4 days you will be “used” to those kind of foods and flavors, and will be looking forward to them, and can get away from the processed garbage.  My initial plan was to do the fast for 10 days.  I am ending it at this point, not because it was so difficult… (but don’t get me wrong, in the beginning it was HORRIBLE)… by the end I wasn’t feeling hungry, I wasn’t craving junk, I was just done. I feel like I had gotten what I needed out of the experience, I established within myself a new desire to eat mainly clean healthy foods, and there was no real benefit in my mind to going 10 days as opposed to 7.  So I decided to stop the fast. I also was a little concerned I wasn’t getting enough calories and I didn’t want my metabolism to start to slow, so that when I decided to stop the fast, I would quickly gain the weight back.

What’s ahead…now that the fast is over?  I am truly inspired to eat more healthy.  I feel awesome!! And hopefully to finally make this change a permanent one! After what I went through in this last week, there is no way in hell I am just going to start eating terribly! And now I feel my body craving more healthy things!  I am planning to go mostly raw (ha. ha. ha. )- i want about 90% of what I consume to be raw, natural, unprocessed fruits and vegetables.  I will be adding beans, legumes, quinoa and lean proteins like chicken and fish as my protein sources.  I’m going to try to avoid dairy and gluten as much as possible.  I do not want to consume ANY soda or processed sugars!! All of that is badness badness badness!!! Stay AWAY!!

I will keep updating with my process on this healthy journey… I love the way I even feel at this point 🙂  Would I recommend you guys do it? Yes! Do it for the experience… do it to detoxify, do it to make a change in your life! It doesn’t have to be a full 7 or 10 days… you can do it to kick off a new way of living!  It’s truly a wonderful thing.

I wish you all the best 🙂




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