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Day 4!!! Feeling Amazing :)

on October 3, 2013

Good morning!!

Unfortunately I haven’t gone to bed yet! But I wanted to share.  I am feeling AAAAAmazing!  Down 6.5 lbs, which I know is mostly water weight, but is absolutely an added benefit of this cleanse! Im experimenting more with juices and flavors and I feel better than ever!  And hunger pangs are almost completely gone, if there are all.

Remember we were talking about high’s and low’s with this fast?? Im on some serious high and its carried through since yesterday- maybe I hit my point of peace with this whole fast.  I am happy, never bloated, really not hungry anymore, and feeling extremely positive and clear.  And this is after a night shift!

I’m learning so much about myself already in the last 3.5 days.  I’m learning about my own strength and resilience, I’m regaining confidence in my ability to commit to something and stick to it, and I’m feeling clear and honestly more alive! Amazing. I will be the first one to admit that if I heard someone say that after starving for 3 days, I would think they are certifiably nuts. But this is wonderful.  I am so thankful for this experience and this challenge.

Anyway, onto the juice!  So I came home after a busy night shift followed by a meeting and was almost too tired to even have any interest in making anything- looked quickly in the fridge to see if anything inspired me… saw a few oranges and some grapes, and was like, “why not???”

And here is is ladies and gents!! Breakfast of champions!!


“Orange you Grapeful” will be the name of this citrusy drink 🙂

2 oranges

red and green grapes, about 3-4 cups

Juice and enjoy!

Not feeling so creative as I haven’t slept in about 20 hours, so I’m going to stop trying and just pass out!

Hope you all have a beautiful morning 😀




One response to “Day 4!!! Feeling Amazing :)

  1. Charnise says:

    Good News Hunn….! Maybe I should try this whole juicing thingy!!!

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