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Hallelujah!!!!!! :D:D:D

on October 2, 2013

Here we go with the ups and downs of this crazy insane experiment… but I am on an UP and I am going to fly with it!!!

I woke up from my slumber… trudged downstairs to the kitchen and hopelessly looked into the fridge at the large quantities of fruits and vegetables that I had bought over the last few days, feeling seriously depressed, hungry, and defeated.  I was trying to figure out how I would quit this juicing thing without disappointing a bunch of people who’ve wanted to see how it goes and how I get through it!  Then an idea came to me… 🙂

Today, dear friends, I have created the MOST DELICIOUS juice I have ever had!! No lie. It is the first thing I have actually ENJOYED putting in my mouth in the last few days… (stop it!)  It tastes so good that I chugged it…  as if it was… DUM DA DUMMMMM…. DIET PEPSI!!!

If you are trying to juice and every single thing you make is either “I can probably get this down for a day” or “ugh… if I hold my nose, maybe I can gulp it fast enough to get the whole thing down, then dont breathe for like 30 seconds till the taste is gone”… then this is your salvation.

I honestly am almost moved to tears. Enjoyment… in a juice??? One I actually look forward to sipping on??? Last night I was committed to starvation and ketosis, trying to figure out how I can do this without dying in the next 7 days (but then humbly remembering I probably have enough stored to ACTUALLY physically starve for much longer than that).  Thank you Juice gods for bringing me this beautiful beautiful liquid concoction.

I will call her “Positively Pink”.  This has restored my hope in life.  🙂 She actually is more of a brownish color but almost all the fruits that went into her were red or pink… This drink has literally restored my hope that I might be able to do this.  Why brown? Because I added spinach, Green plus red = brown. (5th grade art class anyone?? who knew you’d get this lesson here too!!) 🙂

I know most of you reading this are like- “ok how many times is this girl going to swear herself to death and then the next day wake up fine…” right? Well I did promise ups and downs… so roll with me loves, roll with me.  When or if you choose to do this to yourself, you, I have no doubt, will experience these same swings!!! But the ups are so fun!!

“Positively Pink”



Grapes (I used green but you can do either)

Pomegranate Seeds


Spinach (I used a LOT of spinach and you really cant taste it)

positively pink

Juice and Voila!!

This to me tastes better than anything I’ve ever gotten at a Jamba Juice, actually WAYYY better than anything I’ve even tried to make, although some of the other ones weren’t BAD, I just did not enjoy them at ALL to the extent that I do this one.

If you are struggling like I was, )and I’m sure you can hear it in my previous post), try this and it will rock your world. Yes, when juicing they do recommend more vegetable juices than fruit, but I also need to have something in my body, and I’ve learned I’d rather starve than dry heave every time i take a sip of something, so at least now I’m getting something in.  Add to that green tea for a break every once in a while sweetened with Truvia.

7 days left!!! Now to get ready for another divine overnight shift in Paterson, NJ.




5 responses to “Hallelujah!!!!!! :D:D:D

  1. Pete says:

    put a splash of Vodka in it

  2. Karen says:

    Keep going, babe. I am following you intently!

  3. Urbi says:

    Awesome!!! Keep going before you know it you will start “Eating Clean” can’t wait for that blog…if you need some good recipes check out simplegreensmoothies.com
    Happy Juicing

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