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Day #3… and still going

on October 2, 2013

Hi all!

Just getting home from my night shift last night- thoroughly exhausted.  Need to hit the bed in a minute, but wanted to let you all know that I got through another day of this beastly challenge!!!!

I talked to my friends at work alot last night about this craziness and why I am doing this, (thanks for being my sounding board guys!!!) which wasn’t as easy to remember while I was gagging and choking trying to get down the “vegetable juice” which was significantly worse than it was 10 hours earlier when it was first made!! Ugh!!  I almost had Steph shove an NG tube down my nose to get that down!!!

I’m really having trouble with the texture of  this stuff, and I’m really not drinking enough of it in a day to get sufficient calories in.  (Honestly because while I was sitting there feeling hungry- i would rather have felt that than drink the juice!!!) I mean this fast has an added benefit of weight loss (I’m down 4.5lbs since I started!) but I don’t want to STARVE myself! I’m doing this to improve health, not go into a starvation state!!! What gives???

I have to be doing something wrong.  sigh.  I guess I’ll try some new things today. Will definitely keep you posted with recipes I try!

On a good note, I’m not feeling tired or drained anymore, AND i’m definitely not having any more withdrawal symptoms.  If I was enjoying the taste or texture of these juices it would be great!! Maybe I just haven’t found the right one 😉

On that note, I’m going to get some sleep! Have a beautiful day!




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