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October is… Breast Cancer Awareness Month!!! Save the Boobies!!

on October 1, 2013

Save the Boobies!!!


Yes, there are things going on in my life outside of Juicing.  As part of wellness, it is sooooo important to find and recognize things that mean something to you, and this month is very important to me.  Breast cancer has touched my family as well as I’m sure many of yours.  If it’s not someone directly in your family, I am sure most of you know someone who has suffered with Breast Cancer, whether they are a survivor or not.  Education is so important… for men AND women… and I personally am making sure that I support the cause to find a cure.  I hope many of you do as well! That’s my little soap box.

There are lots of ways to support this beautiful cause!! I suggest you find one that works for you and do it.  Doing good for others has the added benefit of making you feel golden as well… so why not!?

This is the link to the National Breast Cancer Foundation- in it are links to ways that you can help, and a lot of them are really fun!


Outside of this there are just about 3 million other ways to contribute- google is all you need!

Many salons, including the one I go to- (Teeze Salon in Lyndhurst)- are going to be providing pink single hair extensions in support of Breast Cancer Awareness month… and I will be rocking that in full force within the next week or so as soon as they get them in!

…and to top it all off… today while in ShopRite…. this happened!!


OOOOOhhhh yes, loves!

ShopRite Chic, Grocery Store Couture!!! Hahaha jokes jokes jokes I’m sure… but I did it, and I will be rocking my BCA T-shirt and so will my mom, who has yet to know of this fabulous purchase.

Every little thing helps 🙂




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