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New day!! (Day 2) And it’s a beautiful one!!

on October 1, 2013

Good morning!!

Wow so last night was painful- physically, emotionally, psychologically.  During the day I was ok, kept myself busy- but last night i felt just horrible. A lot of times I wanted to be like “the heck with this, why am I doing this to myself, let me go binge on everything in the kitchen”.  I am so glad I didn’t.

But honestly, writing this, committing to it in front of all of you, is what made me stick this out.  But it wasn’t easy. Last night I woke up around 2am, I was dizzy, nauseous, and thought I was going to throw up. My HR was like 115. Weird.  I know we become “addicted” to bad things… but my god, i didnt realize it was like this.  Honestly I didn’t. IMaybe I really was getting pretty close to “fat, sick and nearly dead”!!!!  That’s humbling to say the least.  I will really think twice before I go back to any of that from now on because I don’t want to every go through this again.  I can only imagine what people now go through who are addicted to serious drugs. I just took some water and tried to go back to sleep, and finally sleep came.

I woke up this morning feeling like a different person.  I actually felt invigorated, light- my mind was clear.  It’s awesome!! Is this whole experience going to be ups and downs?? I will assume yes for now, but in the back of my head I’m going to hope for some steady highs 🙂 I made a few mistakes I found yesterday with this fast.  Hello, it’s my first one, I’m bound to do this.

Mistakes- (that I am learning from!!! QUICKLY)

1. I didn’t drink enough.  You are supposed to have between 2-4 quarts of juice in the course of a day.  PLUS water.  Def didn’t do that.  Probably why I felt dehydrated and terrible last night

2. I didn’t give myself variety.  So I know now you are supposed to make a few different juices so you don’t just get bored with drinking the same thing.  Yesterday in the beginning of the day, my juice tasted great.  However by late afternoon I was gagging on it trying to get it down, to the point where I just was like- “nah, i don’t want it”. And while you’re juice fasting, if you don’t want the juice, there’s not a whole lot else left for you. Bad idea.

So I looked up a bunch of recipes and ideas for today that I’m really excited about!! Yesterday my juice consisted of a lot of fruits- was pretty sweet, a little tangy, but good I guess to start.  Today I’m craving more vegetables… and some salt.  It’s crazy how much more in touch I am with what my body is looking for now that i’m doing this fast.  It’s very clear to me today what I want. Yesterday I was like “I dunno, sure i like plums, throw ’em in”.  Today I have a whole different set of cravings, and it’s for healthy things! Go figure 😉

I am going to be making 3 different juices today, a vegetable juice, a “skin glowing” juice and then probably a “citrusy” one.  Again I’m going to make them all this morning, and store them in mason jars for me to drink throughout the day.  I work the overnight tonight at my job so I’ll be bringing some with me, if any of you are DYING to try 😉  (as if this blog hasn’t made it sound INCREDIBLY appetizing and enticing!! lol)  And i’m going to be drinking a ton of water.  Hopefully today will be easier. Like I said, right now i’m feeling great, but I also had my juiced coffee beans already… maybe that has something to do with it 😉

I will post the recipes and pics later for the juices I make, Im not 100% sure what I’m going to use yet.

Will keep you all updated!! Have a beautiful day!!




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