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Day 2 juices…

on October 1, 2013

Ok guys

So I experimented a little this morning. Be sure to give youself TIME to do this if you’re juicing along with me, because it is not a quick process, as some would be led to think.  And cleaning out the machine is a real pain in the ass. But it’s all for a goal right???

I got 2 of my 4 juice recipes from Pinterest and I will be giving them credit here.  They are not my ideas, but they seem great so I’m willing to try anything at this point.  Below is a picture of the 4 juices i made today!! So proud!! Eek! 😀

my juices

Juice #1: Vegetable Juice

This is your super vitamin FRESH V8.  You’re probably thinking, ok why not just go by V8.  Alot of those canned or bottled beverages that store for a long period of time go through a “high heat/flash pasteurization” process.  This process heats up the liquid to >250 degrees F to kill all the microorganisms that can cause the juice to spoil, and then it is cooled quickly.  This happens with the “Naked” brand or “Odwalla” brand juices as well I believe, otherwise they wouldn’t last more than 3-4 days.  This flash pasteurization also destroys many of the micronutrients we are trying to get out of our juices, and if you’re existing solely on juices for a few days, you really need the MOST micronutrients you can get. So these are a bad idea if you’re doing a juice fast. Sorry. I know, i thought about it too. :/

Here is a link to more info about this if interested: http://www.lifewithgreens.com/fresh-versus-bottled-juice

Anyway this is my vegetable juice.  Was great after drinking just sweet fruit juice all day yesterday.  It’s kind of like drinking a salad! Haha, if that doesn’t get ya, I don’t know what will!  This image is taken directly from Pinterest.


Juice #2: SuperSkin Juice!

Oranges, pineapples, and sweet potatoes, oh my! (sorry, I had to). Who knew they would go together well? I certainly didn’t, but its a fresh, “citrusy” vitamin packed mixture that really does actually taste good.  Again variety is key my loves.


This image is also taken directly from Pinterest.

Juice #3 and #4:




These are my concoctions. They are alkalizers, as I’ve read, and apples and cucumbers combine together to make a pretty refreshing drink.  Add a little ginger (which I happen to love), and it’s even better.  Leave the ginger out if you’re not into this- (people tend to LOVE or HATE ginger, it’s a strong flavor).  These last 2 are the same with the exception that the last green bottle (in the picture above at the top of this post) is diluted slightly with Pure Coconut water.  Just a little less intense taste, and still very refreshing.

So this will be my “food” today. sigh.

I have to tell you, the taste really is good. The issue for me at least is definitely more the texture.  Especially with the vegetable juice- i love the flavor, but I’m not really used to the idea of drinking my vegetables yet.  I’m working on it. A straw helps a little, and Im going to be putting them on ice at work tonight.  I. Just. Can’t. Wait. haha.  (can you FEEL the excitement!!!!)

8.5 more days 😉 But who’s counting!!




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