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Is “juicing” a trendy way of saying “starving”???

on September 30, 2013

I. Am. So. Hungry.

I feel foggy and dizzy and exhausted.  Not exhilarated like I did earlier!! Shaun just called me a Scorpion Woman 🙂

But I fully expected this.  It’s either starvation or withdrawal at this point. Either way its horrible.  But i’m going to make it through this. Day 1 is almost finished, and supposedly it’s the hardest. At least I think so, or my stomach lining is going to completely digest itself tomorrow.

I told you guys I’d put it all… good, bad, and ugly.  But there’s gotta be something to do when you feel this way the first few days of juicing… other than the obvious… to EAT.  And I am going in search of the answer to this question now. Otherwise how would anyone be able to do it?? There’s a light at the end of the tunnel- There is a reason I am doing this!! Even if it is not as obvious now as it was 12 hours ago.

Writing about this is surprisingly therapeutic!!  My grumpiness is subsiding.  I can do this. Every day should be a little better… hopefully 🙂

… and I pour myself another glass of juice…




2 responses to “Is “juicing” a trendy way of saying “starving”???

  1. urbi jenkins says:

    Its def withdraw!! Your body is craving it JUNK FOOD…(its like crack…0_o) just make sure your getting your HEALTHY DOSE of veggies, fruits, and protein, and have 3 juice blends a day, drink lots of water and green tea to stop the cravings. ..and Scorpion Women Rock!!!!

    • cola1012 says:

      Hell yeah we do!!! 😉 And thanks! You know I realized I wasn’t drinking really enough yesterday- and it was all the same juice so it was getting boring. Will add green tea to the mix today, and lots more water. And I’m going to make this kick ass veggie juice that should be great today 🙂 going strong! 🙂 xoxo

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