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Hiiiii… and welcome :)

on September 30, 2013

Hi guys- if you’re reading this, you either know me, have heard about this through someone who knows me, or are just in general interested in wellness or wondering what the heck a person with this blog title is all about!  Regardless… welcome to my thoughts, and I hope you enjoy what you read, learn and see.

So here we go!  My name is Julie- I’m an Emergency Medicine Physician working in Paterson, NJ- did a fellowship in EMS and during all of my training became a little crazy and obsessed with “wellness”.. which is what sparked my blog.  My plan is to become a Certified Wellness Coach. Last year I became the Director of Physician Wellness at my hospital and I really want to do a lot with this… It is SOOOOO insanely important to find balance and peace in our lives. How else do we get through this craziness we call a career!!??

This blog initially was intended to get info out there to my colleagues about what we can do to be happy, healthy, and have long successful careers, namely because Emergency Medicine is such an insane and stressful specialty some times.  There is no doubt that our burnout rate is among the highest of all docs.  We need to change this, change the way we do things, change the way we live so that we are able to enjoy our lives, find healthy ways of dealing with this stress, and get through this with a smile on our faces at the end of the day.

As I talk to more and more people who are interested in me doing this, I’ve decided to open up this blog to everyone with the intention that we can share ideas, inspiration, and fabulousness with eachother.

Blogs specific to things going on with my “St. Joe’s Peeps” will have that in the title 🙂

Suggestions, topics, ideas and positivity are always welcome 🙂




3 responses to “Hiiiii… and welcome :)

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  2. Karen says:

    Fun and interesting. I will keep watching for your next installment!

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